Our main focus is to facilitate the business man or woman who is unable to employ a full time secretary to get his day to day admin work done. You may not have the funds or resources to fill this position permanently. We offer a secretarial service for exactly that purpose but only when you need it which saves you a full time salary.

Let us plan your day, make your arrangements, take your messages should you be unavailable for the day, book your flights, arrange your travels, etc. Whatever your administrative needs are, we are here to assist.

Success Story for today - Nancy (Edenvale) purchased the Admin Package from us and did something completely different based on the same service just a totally different market. She decided to target rural areas and retirement facilities to assist them with all their personal paperwork they do not understand or have the means to complete for a small fee and she has had an amazing response and keeping very very busy. Awesome news! Glad business is doing well.

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